General Setup Instructions for Bier Markt Locations


  • Make sure the boards on the rolling cabinet are on, there are two switches: one on top and one about halfway up.
  • Plug left and right leads from DJ mixer/controller into any two channels on the board (takes XLR or quarter inch).
  • Ensure the buttons for those channels are lit as “ON”, EQs are zero’d, push faders about halfway up to start
  • Push the “Group 1-2”, “Group 3-4” and Master Stereo faders up.
  • The board should now send sound through the stage speakers. To get sound in restaurant ceiling speakers, a manager on duty will switch the satellite radio off using the panel behind the bar


Other Notes

  • Watch not to blast the stage speakers too loud early in the night. there’s a stage speaker right above a table’s head that can make it impossible to have a conversation if it’s cranked. Inside the room next to the stage there’s another set of controls for the individual stage speakers (it’s the bottom set of knobs I believe)
  • Sometimes the monitors on stage will be hooked up. The volume for these can be controlled by the two knobs at the very bottom of the front of the cabinet on stage