Dress code.

Male DJ:


  • Dress to impress, our brand is a little bit more upscale. Pocket squares, ties, bowties are highly suggested. Please make sure male DJs stay within the following parameters.
  • Collar shirt, properly tailored. No t-shirts or V-necks.
  • No plaid under any circumstance.
  • Hair well groomed, no baseball hats, fedoras, toques, etc.
  • A jacket for the gents is preferable.
  • Properly tailored blue or dark jeans or dress pants. No capris, no shorts, no fades, no rips.
  • If wearing facial hair it must be well groomed.
  • No open toe shoes or sneakers, formal shoes are preferable.


Female DJ:


  • Also dress to impress. Be fashion forward, but please make sure female DJs stay within the following parameters:
  • Straight of pencil skirts, between 1” below to 4” above the knee.
  • Straight or tapered dress pants, blue or dark jeans. No rips, no fades.
  • Summer dresses, length to the same as the one for skirts.
  • No shorts, no capris please.
  • No plaid under any circumstance.
  • At least 1” heel shoes. No sneakers or sandals.
  • Hair well-groomed and styled.


As per the music selection, as you know it is important that the DJ is able to read the crowd. This is something that it has been a concern in the past. For instance

at Adelaide the crowd is a little bit more mature from 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm, so please ask your DJs to stay away from heavily playing electronic music, one tune here

and there is welcome, but not whole sets. After 7.00 pm they should re-asses what the crowd is looking like, at that point may be something a little bit more electronic/dance

music is more acceptable. Please ask your DJs not to play anything that is to obscure or underground between 5.30 pm and 7.00 pm. Our guest at that time feel very comfy

with recognizable music. A nice blend of top 40’s, recognizable songs that stay on brand and a little bit of high energy music will do the trick. Monitor the volume and

be open to take suggestions from the Manager on Duty.