Freshstone DJ Policies

We strive to portray a professional and positive view of our services to all of our customers so that we continue to be their first choice when considering a DJ; a win-win for everyone. Below are our policies that must be followed when working for Freshstone to ensure we provide a consistent customer experience.

Dress Code

Most of our clients are corporate venues that serve a wide array of clients. Please be sure to dress appropriately. Please wear a dark, solid color dress shirt & dark jeans or khakis. Sweatpants, hoodies and baseball hats are not permissible attire while working for Freshstone.

Food & Drink

You’re working, so please do not drink alcoholic beverages while you’re scheduled to be playing. If you decide to order food while you are there, do not assume it will be paid for by the restaurant. Always ask for your bill before you leave.

Schedule Changes

If you’re not able to make a gig that you are scheduled for please do not find your own replacement. Each of our customers require different music programs that you have been specifically selected for, this is why we ask that you do not find coverage on your own. Contact Kaelo directly and he will find you a replacement that is suited for the venue. Please do not leave this to the last minute, give us 24 hours notice minimum.


Arrive for your shift early enough to greet the general manager when you arrive. Leave yourself enough time to set-up all of your gear so that you are ready to press play on time.
If the manager asks you to stay longer than your scheduled time please let Kaelo know as soon as possible so that we can invoice our customer accordingly. If you don’t let us know until we receive your invoice, you will not be paid for the extra time.


We understand you might play gigs on your own, or for other companies but please do not solicit your
services while hired by Freshstone. If you are asked about future gigs from our customer’s, direct them
to contact us directly to schedule the event accordingly.

Phone Use

Your role as a DJ is to entertain guests, not your friends. Please do not use your phone while working. If
you look bored and uninterested with the music you are playing guests will feel the same way.